BGMI 120 FPS, 90 FPS & 60 FPS CONFIG File Download

Smooth and fluid gameplay is a must in the realm of mobile gaming. Players of the well-liked battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) are constantly looking for methods to improve their gaming experience. The game’s frame rate is one important aspect that has an impact on gameplay. We will examine the idea of FPS (frames per second) in this article, discuss the significance of various FPS options in BGMI, such as 120 FPS, 90 FPS, and 60 FPS, and offer instructions on how to obtain and use the proper CONFIG files to achieve these frame rates.

Overview Of 120 FPS, 90 FPS & 60 FPS CONFIG File For BGMI

Let’s quickly define FPS before we delve into the specifics of the FPS choices in BGMI. The term “FPS” describes how many individual frames or graphics are shown in a video game every second. The overall gaming experience is enhanced by smoother, more realistic movement, which is correlated with a higher FPS. Contrarily, a lower FPS might result in jerky images and a loss of responsiveness.

Different FPS Options in BGMI

120 FPS: Unparalleled Smoothness

A level of BGMI playability at 120 FPS is unrivalled in smoothness and fluidity. Every movement and action appears extraordinarily lifelike because of the fast frame rate, giving players an advantage over one another. A device with suitable hardware and the appropriate CONFIG files is required to get 120 FPS.

90 FPS: A Balance Between Performance and Quality

The 90 FPS frame rate achieves a mix between good visuals and fluid gameplay. For those who value both performance and aesthetics, this choice is great. It offers a visually pleasing experience and is quite responsive.

60 FPS: Standard and Accessible

The typical frame rate for many video games, including BGMI, is 60 FPS. Even though it might not provide as much smoothness as other solutions, it’s still a good option for most players. 60 frames per second has the benefit of being accessible on a wider range of devices.

Guides For Downloading and Installing CONFIG Files

CONFIG files play a pivotal role in enabling different FPS options in BGMI. Here’s how to download and install them:

Find Reputable Sources

Find trustworthy sources that offer CONFIG files for BGMI. To prevent any problems, make sure the files are appropriate for your system and game version.

Backup Existing CONFIG Files

Make a backup of your current CONFIG files before making any modifications. This makes sure that if something goes wrong, you may return to the default settings.

Replace CONFIG Files

Download the proper CONFIG files for the FPS setting you want. In the game’s directory, replace the current files with the downloaded ones.

Launch the Game

Start BGMI and observe the frame rate difference. Gameplay should now be more fluid, depending on the FPS option you choose.


Your BGMI experience can be greatly improved by reaching ideal frame rates in the dynamic world of mobile gaming. CONFIG files are essential to achieving these frame rates, whether you choose the unmatched smoothness of 120 FPS, the balanced performance and quality of 90 FPS, or the basic accessibility of 60 FPS. You can improve your gaming and immerse yourself completely in the battlegrounds by following the instructions provided in this article.

FAQS – BGMI 120 FPS, 90 FPS & 60 FPS Config File Download

The hardware capabilities of your device determine whether you can run BGMI at 120 FPS. This frame rate is more likely to be supported by expensive devices.

Risks are reduced by obtaining CONFIG files from reliable sources. A backup of your files is a must before making any changes.

Using incompatible CONFIG files may cause the game to crash or perform poorly. Stick to game files that are compatible with your device.

While smoother gaming is provided by greater FPS, it’s important to balance this with the capabilities of your device. On a less powered device, a really high FPS might not produce the greatest results.

To make sure that game upgrades are compatible, frequent updates can be required. Every time the game is updated, check for fresh CONFIG files.

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